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Last updated on October 26, 2023

Juggling a large caseload inevitably leads to conflicts. For law firms large and small, conflicts in scheduling, last-minute changes and emergency situations can readily derail a carefully balanced caseload. When such situations arise, Greenberg Per Diem Services can step in and take your place, with no hassles. We are highly mobile and provide services statewide, in both state and federal courts.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of New York City-based per diem services. We are available 24/7. Call today: 347-983-0065.

Hiring Us Is An Easy – And Smart – Decision

For many law firms, hiring per diem counsel is a smart economic decision. It can free up lawyers to prioritize their cases and bill more lucrative matters. When small firms and solo practitioners have to constantly reschedule matters, it can leave a bad impression on clients and courts. Instead, let us fill in for you. No matter your reason for considering per diem legal services, you can be assured that a seasoned attorney will handle your case with great care.

Per Diem Services For A Range Of Practice Areas

We offer per diem services in a wide spectrum of civil and criminal practice areas, from contract arbitration to criminal arraignments. We can serve as plaintiffs’ or defense counsel.

Some of our high-demand practice areas include:

Personal injury cases: We can fill in for examinations before trial (EBTs or depositions), court appearances, motion hearings, independent medical examinations (IMEs) and more.

Debt collection cases: We can step in for creditors or debtors at court hearings, settlement conferences, depositions and more.

Bankruptcy cases: We can act as your substitute in hearings, conferences, creditor meetings and more.

Learn more about the details of how per diem works and the benefits of using per diem services.

Contact Us For Per Diem Services In All Five New York City Buroughs And Statewide

For a free consultation to discuss our services, call attorney Ezra Greenberg at Greenberg Per Diem Services: 347-983-0065. You can also contact us online. We offer a satisfaction guarantee – if you are not satisfied with our work, you will not have to pay us.