FAQ for Greenberg Per Diem

Question: How do I place an Order? A: Call me or E mail me. I will respond ASAP and once the assignment is accepted, I will confirm with you. It is critical that I confirm the appearance with you or your office to be sure there is coverage.

Question: Do I need to submit instructions? A: Yes, that is a very good idea!!! In addition to the obvious, time, place, please give additional instructions such as parameters of settlement, or whether or not any additional discovery is needed. If I think something needs clarification, or if I need additional instructions, I will contact you in this regard.

Question: When can I expect an appearance report? Answer: Usually within 24 hours or less.

Question: Are there cancellation fees? If you cancel the day before the assignment, no. So, for example, if you call me at 1 PM to set up a deposition, and at 5 PM you call me to inform me the deposition has “busted” there is no fee. But if I actually send somebody to the deposition, only to find out it has “busted” there will be a bust fee. This is usually around 75% of the standard appearance fee.

Question: Do you have a policy of discounts for appearances? Answer: I have flexibility. If you send me to one single motion part for 5 or more pro forma motions, we can probably work out some type of discount. This is something we would have to discuss.

Question: What geographical locations do you cover? Answer: I cover all the major boroughs (NY, Bronx, Kings, Queens, Staten Island) plus adjoining Counties (Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, etc.)

Question: What types of cases do you take? Answer: The majority of the cases I take are either collection cases or personal injury. But I am happy to take anything really.

Question: Do you go yourself personally? Yes. And if I am not able to make it myself personally, I send one of my qualified legal staff counsel to appear.

Question: What are the fee arrangements? Answer: A standard appearance in one of the major boroughs is usually between $100.00 and $150.00, with flexibility. If I have to appear in one of the outer boroughs or Counties, there is usually a surcharge of $50.00 plus travel expenses (again, fees are not written in stone, and I do have flexibility).

Question: Do I have to pay in advance for the services? Answer: No. Generally you forward the assignment to my office, I forward you a report and a bill. Prompt payment is appreciated, but generally should be made within 30 days.

Question: How far in advance do I have to contact you to cover a case? Answer: Preferably at least a day in advance. However, in emergency situations, I will do my best in obtaining coverage, even if you call me at 9 A.M. the morning of the appearance.

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